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Bishop of Rome, later became head of the Roman Catholic Church
a) Patricarch
b) Pope
c) Patrician
d) Plebeian

Person who suffers and dies for a belief
a) Martyr
b) Messiah
c) Dictator
d) Consul

A citizen of ancient Rome who was not an aristocrat
a) Patrician
b) Patriarch
c) Plebeian
d) Bishop

A government in which the citizens elect the leaders
a) Dictator
b) Tribune
c) Triumvirate
d) Republic

In Judaism, a savior promised by the Hebrew prophets, who would bring peace
a) Messiah
b) Bishop
c) Martyr
d) Pope

Regional leader of the early Christian Church, with authority over a diocese and other clergy
a) Patriarch
b) Pope
c) Bishop
d) Messiah

In the early Christian Church, one of five powerful bishops in major cities
a) Patriarchs
b) Bishops
c) Popes
d) Martyrs

A channel built to carry water
a) aquaduct
b) Sect
c) disciple
d) inflation

Payment for damages or losses
a) inflation
b) tribune
c) indemnity
d) bishop

An active follower of a teacher
a) bishop
b) republic
c) patrician
d) disciple

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