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Situation in which prices rise quickly, while the value of money decreases
a) Inflation
b) Indemnity
c) Tribune
d) Consul

A channel used to carry water
a) Sect
b) Martyr
c) Triumvirate
d) Aquaduct

In ancient Rome an official who represents the plebeians
a) Consul
b) Patrician
c) Tribune
d) Patriarch

A subgroup with distinct beliefs within a larger religious group
a) Sect
b) Messiah
c) Bishop
d) Pope

A member of the wealthy, aristocratic class of ancient Rome
a) Plebeians
b) Patricians
c) Patriachs
d) Bishops

An active follower of a teacher
a) Disciple
b) Martyr
c) Messiah
d) Bishop

Payment for damages or losses
a) Inflation
b) Sect
c) Indemnity
d) Tribune

A leader given temporary absolute power during a crisis
a) Triumvirate
b) Dictator
c) Consul
d) Plebeian

In ancient Rome a three person ruling group
a) Triumvirate
b) Tribune
c) Patriarchs
d) Republic

On of two officials who headed the executive branch
a) Dictator
b) Patriarch
c) Tribune
d) Consul

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