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What is most likely to happen if the niches of two organisms overlap?
a) The organisms may have to compete.
b) One organism will migrate to a new habitat.
c) Both organisms will disappear simultaneously.
d) The organisms will form a parasitic relationship.

In a freshwater pond community, a Carp eats decaying material from around the bases of underwater plant, while a snail scrapes algae from the leaves and stems of the same plants. T
a) different habitats and niches.
b) the same niche, but different habitats.
c) the same habitat, but different niches.
d) the same habitat and the same niche.

Name the process in which animals develop adaptations that result in changes that increase its chances of survival in a changing habitat.
a) natural selection
b) asexual reproduction
c) genetic engineering
d) selective breeding

Lichens are most likely to grow in the following type of area:
a) an old growth deciduous forest.
b) an open farm field.
c) a grassy area cleared by a wild fire.
d) after a volcano erupts.

In ecology, succession refers to:
a) balances of power
b) one species gradually being replaced by another
c) natural selection
d) survival of the fittest.

A type of succession that occurs on abandoned farmland is called
a) primary succession
b) pioneer species
c) climax community
d) secondary succession

22. New soil is formed on the forest floor by the action of _________________ on leaf litter.
a) herbivores
b) decomposers
c) omnivores
d) scavengers

Darwin’s idea of natural selection focused on the idea that a population would
a) be able to migrate due to predator/prey relationships.
b) need competition to adapt and survive in its habitat.
c) pass along traits that increased their ability to survive in their environment.
d) develop based on human intervention through artificial selection.

How are the final products of photosynthesis related to cellular respiration?
a) They are the starting materials for cellular respiration.
b) They are identical.
c) They convert chemical energy into light energy.
d) They are also the final products for cellular respiration.

The energy of the sun is transformed into chemical energy in the form of carbohydrates by which process?
a) cellular respiration
b) anaerobic respiration
c) transpiration
d) photosynthesis

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