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Which type of jobs has not been impacted by computers and technology?
a) blue-collar
b) white-collar
c) pink-collar
d) all types jobs have been impacted

The dividing line between full-time and part-time workers is
a) 30 hours per week
b) 40 hours per week
c) written into the employment contract
d) decided by the labor union

An employee hired for a specified time period or for a particular task is called a
a) mercenary.
b) at-will employee.
c) temporary employee.
d) permanent employee.

Cattle ranchers, iron miners, and commercial fishermen work in
a) fast-growth industries
b) goods-producing industries
c) service-producing industries
d) progress.

The physical conditions and psychological atmosphere in which employees work is the
a) work environment
b) corporate climate
c) organizational culture
d) ergonomic climate

Changing positions to one with a similar level of responsibility is a
a) promotion
b) demotion
c) transfer
d) termination

Which of the following employment benefits is not currently required under federal law?
a) Social Security and Medicare
b) health insurance
c) unemployment insurance
d) overtime pay for hours worked beyond 40 per week

The first step in the hiring process is
a) determining a new employee's duties
b) deciding how many and what kind of employees a company needs
c) new employee orientation
d) reviewing employment applications

The most heavily unionized workforce is
a) automobile manufacturers
b) government employees
c) service workers
d) mine workers

Human resources activity involving managing promotions and terminations.
a) compensation and benefits
b) employee relations
c) performance management
d) planning and staffing

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