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Major goals of a human resources department do not include ___.
a) placing employees in positions that will use their skills and abilities
b) deciding the correct price to charge customers for the company's products or services
c) developing and preserving a satisfying work environment.
d) protecting employees' health and well-being

An permanent employee
a) can never be fired.
b) can never have his/her desk moved from its current spot.
c) must have a written employment contract which states that (s)he is permanent.
d) has a long-term commitment from the company.

Downsizing is
a) requiring employees to diet and exercise.
b) a planned reduction in the number of employees needed.
c) purchasing a smaller building.
d) hiring midgets who don't require large desks and office furniture.

The people who work for a business are known as
a) minions.
b) peons.
c) wage slaves.
d) human resources.

Termination refers to
a) death at the hand of a T-800 model cybernetic organism.
b) the end of an employment relationship.
c) the sprouting of a seed plant.
d) a set period of time in an academic year.

Ending an employment relationship due to inappropriate work behavior is called
a) termination.
b) layoff.
c) downsizing.
d) discharge.

Human resource activity involving wage, salary and benefits planning.
a) planning and staffing
b) performance management
c) compensation and benefits
d) employee relations

A specific study of a job to identify in detail the job duties and skill requirements is called a
a) job review
b) job description
c) job classification
d) job analysis

Letting employees have input as to their working hours and days is called
a) flextime
b) flexplace
c) personal time
d) family leave

People are protected from job discrimination based on sexual preference by
a) armed mercenaries.
b) federal laws.
c) some state and local laws.
d) the Pope.

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