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It is ok if yours is different from mine. There is no need to fight if we disagree
a) Opinion
b) Freedom of speech
c) Ideas
d) Approach

You owe this to anyone you come in contact with. It is the main part of etiquette
a) Respect
b) Time
c) Good Behavior
d) Eye Contact

This is the name of the story we used to talk about having different opinions
a) Duck/Rabbit
b) The Story of Ryan
c) The Respect Rap Video
d) Proper Hygiene Video

Their role is to be a good example for the rest of the class. They were sometimes team captains
a) Project managers
b) Team Leaders
c) Jasmine & Chris
d) Teachers

During the Respect lesson we learned it was rude to do this when other people are talking
a) Interrupt
b) Stare
c) Roll your eyes while others are talking
d) None of these answers

It is important to do this while others are talking. If you don't, you will probably miss something important
a) Listen
b) Look around and stay alert
c) Talk to your neighbor about what's going on in class
d) Interrupt

Yelling at your parents, being rude to those in authority and bullying others is this
a) Being rude or disrespectful
b) Acceptable
c) Common
d) Poor etiquette

Be careful if you send these because they can never be deleted and can end up in the hands of somebody you do not want to see them
a) FB/Twitter post/pictures/emails/text messages
b) personal information such as your address and phone number
c) Information that you think is untrue that could possibly be a rumor
d) Music downloaded from different sites

What are the three things you should incorporate into a speech
a) introduction/main idea/sub-themes/conclusion
b) your name/the title of your speech/conclusion
c) introduction/a short story/main idea
d) your name/introduction/topic of speech/conclusion

Properly bathing/showering, brushing your teeth and making sure your clothes are cleaned is called?
a) Having good hygiene
b) Proper etiquette
c) A positive mindset
d) All of these answers

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