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What does metamorphosis mean?
a) moving from water to land
b) change of sex
c) change of body size
d) change of body form

The belief that living things come from nonliving things is called ____.
a) biogenesis
b) homeostasis
c) respiration
d) spontaneous generation

Plant cells that are long and hollow transport ____ and water throughout the plant.
a) oxygen
b) food
c) blood
d) chlorophyll

Vaccines are available for all of the following viral diseases EXCEPT ____.
a) common cold
b) smallpox
c) polio
d) chicken pox

During cold winter months, amphibians ____.
a) hibernate
b) reproduce
c) die
d) estivate

In undisturbed areas, older rock layers lie ____ successively younger rock layers.
a) below
b) in between
c) above
d) on top of

The theory that living things come only from other living things is called ____.
a) spontaneous generation
b) adaptation
c) homeostasis
d) biogenesis

Of the following, which represents a homozygous recessive genotype?
a) TT
b) Tt
c) TTT
d) tt

Haploid numbers of chromosomes are usually found in the ____ of an organism.
a) tissues
b) zygotes
c) sex cells
d) body cells

In DNA copying, the bonds between the nitrogen bases are broken by a(n) ____.
a) RNA
b) enzyme
c) hormone
d) cytoplasm

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