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The basic unit of all living things is...
a) cells
b) organs
c) tissues
d) organ systems

What might you look at with a microscope?
a) cells
b) a whole cow heart
c) a leg
d) an arm

Which cell has rigid walls
a) grass cell
b) heart cell
c) liver cell
d) stomach cell

Chlorplasts are found only in...
a) plant cells
b) animal cells
c) body cells
d) brain cells

A nerve cell looks similar to a ...
a) flower with a stem and roots
b) chicken leg
c) steak
d) taco

A neuron is the cell in the ...
a) nervous system
b) circulatory system
c) respiratory system
d) reproductive system

Why can you say that a plant cell has sides?
a) it has rigid walls
b) it has a cell membrane
c) it has no cell wall
d) it has no cell membrane

Which answer has the levels of organization in order?
a) cell, tissue, organ, organ system, organism
b) cell tissue, organ system, organ, organism
c) cell, tissue, organ, organism, organ system
d) organ, cell, tissue, organ system, organism

What is function of muscular system?
a) movement
b) digestion
c) circulation
d) make hormones

What makes up the integumentary system?
a) skin, hair, nails
b) skin, hair, arms
c) skin, hair, muscles
d) hair, nails, muscles

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