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What are the smallest unit of an element that maintain the properties of that element?
a) Electrons
b) Atoms
c) Compound
d) Molecule

Which of these is an example of a compound?
a) H
b) O2
c) H2O
d) He

Which of the following is a type of pure substance?
a) Compound
b) Colloid
c) Solution
d) Heterogeneous Mixture

Which of the following would be considered an organic compound?
a) Rock
b) Air
c) Glass
d) Gasoline

What type of elements are shiny, solid, non-conductive, and non-malleable?
a) metals
b) metalloids
c) nonmetals
d) Trick question, no such element exists!

What happens when a pure substance undergoes a chemical change?
a) The chemical bonds that hold the atoms together are broken and form into new substances.
b) The substance changes into a mixture.
c) The type of atoms stay the same, but are found in different proportions.
d) Nothing changes and it remains a pure substance.

What type of properties are best for seperating mixtures?
a) Physical properties
b) Chemical properties
c) Intrinsic properties
d) Extrinsic properties

Which of the following a the BEST example of a suspension?
a) Snow globe
b) Salad
c) Hot Chocolate
d) Metal Alloy

Which of the following is NOT a colloid?
a) Milk
b) Mayonaise
c) Geletin
d) Metal Alloy

What is another name for a homogeneous solution?
a) Solution
b) Suspension
c) Compound
d) Pure Substance

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