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Which properties of water might you use to find out if a beaker contains water?
a) Odor
b) All of these
c) Density
d) Freezing Point

Which of the following is NOT a physical property of matter?
a) Color
b) Size
c) Boiling Point
d) Odor

A finds an object with a mass of 64.54 g and a volume of 14 cm3. What is its density?
a) 903.56 g/cm3
b) 0.25 g/cm3
c) 4.61 g/cm3
d) 78.54 g/cm3

Which of the following is NOT a chemical property?
a) Flammability
b) Electron Stability
c) Luster
d) Reactivity with water

What is malleability?
a) The temperature at which a substance changes from a solid to a liquid.
b) The ability of a substance to be rolled or pounded into various shapes.
c) The ability of a substance to be drawn into a wire.
d) Measure of how well an electric current can move through a substance.

Solubility is a ____________ property.
a) physical
b) neither
c) both
d) chemical

Which of the following a proper unit for expressing density?
a) g/cm2
b) N/mL
c) lbs/cm3
d) kg/mL

A forensic scientist tries to identify a chemical compound at a scene. Which pair of properties will be most useful in the identification process?
a) Color and Mass
b) Boiling Point and Volume
c) Flammability and Volume
d) Melting Point and Reactivity with Water

A statue and a coin are made out of the same material. Which property will likely be the same for both the statue and the coin?
a) Mass
b) Reactivity
c) Volume
d) Shape

The condensation point is the temperature at which a substance turns from...
a) a solid to a liquid.
b) a solid to a gas.
c) a liquid to a solid.
d) a gas to a liquid

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