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Actor-observer bias is ?
a) the tendency to attribute others behavior to dispositional, usually negative causes.
b) the actor observing the play with a bias idea.
c) the tendency to expect the worst in others.
d) attributing negative qualities to yourself rather than others.

When someone says that someone has a self-serving bias, that means?
a) when we claim successes due to our efforts and our failures are due to things out of our control.
b) that we are greedy and want everything.
c) that we are self-serving.
d) none of these.

What are the 3 compentents of personality according to Freud?
a) The ID, the Ego, and the Superego
b) The conscious, the preconscious, and the subconscious
c) The ID, the Ego and the personality
d) all of these

What is personality?
a) the consistent, unique, and enduring qualities of an individual.
b) traits and feeling in a person.
c) changable traits and ideas a person.
d) none of these

Define the unconscious part of the mind?
a) the part of the mind that contains material that we are unaware of but influences us.
b) the part of the mind that stays asleep
c) the part of the mind that contains preconscious thoughts and ideas.
d) all of these.

Who was the first person to use psychoanalysis?
a) Sigmund Freud
b) Carl Jung
c) William James
d) Carl Marx

Denial is when a person?
a) refuses to accept the reality of something that makes them anxious.
b) a river in Egypt.
c) none of these
d) when a person goes back and forth on accepting a situation.

Projection is when a person?
a) when a person takes their own feelings and assigns them to another person, blaming them.
b) when a person takes out their frustrations on another object or person.
c) when someone can't handle reality.
d) all of these.

Regression is when a person
a) resorts back to a less mature state of being.
b) goes back into old habits or patterns.
c) has reoccuring thoughts or images flying through their minds.
d) none of these.

A cardinal personality trait is ?
a) a trait that is so strong in a person that they are almost identified by it alone.
b) many traits in a person.
c) one trait that is changable in a personality.
d) none of these

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