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What is the source of energy from the Sun and other stars?
a) burning fossil fuels
b) gravity waves
c) nuclear fission
d) thermonuclear fusion

What is the main reason that summer is warmer than winter?
a) the tilt of the earth\'s axis results more direct radiation from the sun in the summer
b) The magnetic field is stronger in the summer than the rest of the year
c) Earth is closer to the sun during the summer months than during the other seasons
d) Earth rotates slower around the sun during summer than the rest of the year

The Sun is composed mostly of?
a) oxygen and carbon dioxide
b) iron and nickel
c) hydrogen and helium
d) nitrogen and argon

The Sun is classified as a ........
a) nebula
b) planet
c) asteroid
d) star

What season is it in Indiana when the southern hemisphere of the earth is tilted towards the sun?
a) Summer
b) Fall
c) Winter
d) Spring

If the mass of an object increases, then the amount of ________ will be greater as well.
a) energy
b) gravity
c) heat
d) light

As the Earth revolves around the sun, the tilt of its axis changes the angle that the sun\'s rays strike the surface, therefore causing a change of......
a) phases
b) density
c) eclipses
d) seasons

The areas on the moon that look like dark patches are called......
a) highlands
b) moon spots
c) rilles
d) maria

Why don't we ever see the far side of the moon?
a) it is extremely shy
b) it revolves around the sun and it is too hot
c) it rotates at the same speed that it revolves around the sun
d) it rotates never gets all the way around

The time that it takes for the Earth to revolve around the Sun is called ......
a) month
b) decade
c) year
d) day

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