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What is function of the kidney's?
a) filter urea, a poison, from the blood
b) filter water from the body
c) filter out urine from the blood
d) filter out nutrients from the blood

What system are the kidneys in?
a) excretory
b) circulatory
c) respiratory
d) reproductive

Is the heart a muscle?
a) yes
b) no
c) maybe
d) I don't know

What system is the liver in?
a) digestive
b) circulatory
c) reproductive
d) respiratory

Why can the alveoli and capillaries exchange gases?
a) They are animal cells and therefore have cell membranes
b) They have cell walls
c) They are connected by tubes
d) They are part of the same system

What is cellular respiration?
a) The exchange of gases through the cell membranes
b) breathing
c) exchange of blood
d) exchange of urea

Why is it possible to eat upside down?
a) muscles move food through the esophagus
b) muscles move food through the trachea
c) muscles move food through the mouth
d) muscles move food through the teeth

Where are nutrients absorbed into the blood?
a) small intestines
b) large intestines
c) stomach
d) mouth

Is the hypothalamus part of the brain?
a) yes
b) no
c) maybe
d) I don't know

What is the heart's job?
a) to pump deoyxgenated blood into the lungs and oxygenated blood out to the body
b) to control fluids
c) to control movement
d) to control speech

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