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The birthplace of Islam is
a) United States
b) Egypt
c) Saudi Arabia
d) Israel

Which of the following is not one of the 5 pillars of Islam?
a) Giving to the poor
b) Praying 5 times a day
c) Declaring the faith
d) Living in Mecca

What is the name of the Muslim month of fasting?
a) Ramadan
b) Festival of Fasting
c) Christmas
d) Divali

The capital of the Byzantine Empire was
a) Washington DC
b) Constantinople
c) Rome
d) Mecca

A muslim ruler was called...
a) King
b) Sultan
c) Prince
d) Emperor

The Muslim God is called...
a) God
b) Zeus
c) Allah
d) Koran

The journy to Mecca that each Muslim makes called the Hajj must be done once...
a) a year
b) a month
c) a lifetime
d) every 20 years

Constantine was the first _____ Emperor to rule the Roman Empire.
a) Christian
b) Jewish
c) Muslim
d) Rich

During the month of fasting, muslims are not to eat or drink...
a) at all
b) between sunrise and sunset
c) all night long
d) on Sundays

People who constantly move from one place to another are called
a) Muslim
b) Nomads
c) Movers
d) Homeless

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