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The Roman emperor ____ became a Christian and stopped the persecution of Christians in the empire.
a) Constantine
b) Justinian
c) Nero
d) Caesar

A split in a church is called a
a) Schism
b) Mosque
c) Quran
d) Caliph

A group of traders traveling together for safety
a) Caliph
b) Caravan
c) Schism
d) Nomads

The holy book of Islam
a) Bible
b) Tora
c) Quran
d) Caliph

Constantinople grew rich because it
a) Borrowed money from the Roman Empire
b) Was located in a natural crossroads of trade
c) Had an unpredictable ruler
d) Used Greek Fire

Followers of Islam, Christianity and the Jewish faith all believe in what?
a) Muhammad
b) Ramadan
c) One God
d) Jesus

Which of the following is one of the 5 pillars of Islam?
a) Prophecy
b) Sleeping
c) Prayer
d) Memorizing the Quran

The code of Justinian clearly stated...
a) The history of Byanthium
b) Future events
c) The laws and what they ment
d) How to make Greek Fire

The Byzantines recorded and saved the knowledge of...
a) Ancient China
b) India
c) Ancient Greece and Rome
d) Ancient Egypt

Muslims must pray five times...
a) a day
b) a year
c) a month
d) a week

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