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Marco Polo wrote an account of the marvels of
a) the Americas
b) Venice.
c) Asia.
d) Spain.

The Renaissance paved the way for an age of
a) stronger governments
b) religious rule.
c) space travel
d) exploration and discovery

Who developed the stern rudder and triangular sails?
a) Asians
b) Arabs
c) South Africans
d) Spanish

Mansa Musa was the powerful king of
a) Songhai.
b) Mali.
c) Ghana.
d) Morocco.

Which country was the largest in the history of West Africa?
a) Songhai
b) Ghana
c) Mali
d) Morocco

period of artistic creativity
a) classical
b) ships
c) pilgrimage
d) Renaissance

ancient Greek and Roman works
a) classical
b) ships
c) pilgrimage
d) astrolabe

early navigation tool
a) ships
b) pilgrimage
c) Renaissance
d) astrolabe

a) classical
b) ships
c) pilgrimage
d) astrolabe

journey to a holy place
a) Renaissance
b) astrolabe
c) pilgrimage
d) classical

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