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What does DNA stand for?
a) Deoxyribose nucleic acid
b) don't numb alligators
c) deoxyglucose acid
d) deoxyribose acid

In DNA adenine (A) always pairs with?
a) Thymine (T)
b) Guanine (G)
c) Cytosine (C)
d) Uracine (U)

In DNA guanine (G) always pairs with?
a) Cytosine (C)
b) Thymine (T)
c) Adenine (A)
d) itself (i)

The shape of DNA is:
a) a twisted ladder
b) a escalator
c) a regular staircase
d) a cup

Which one of the following is the sugar in DNA?
a) deoxyribose
b) phosphate group
c) glucose
d) sucrose

How many base pairs (nucleotides) are there in DNA?
a) 4
b) 2
c) 6
d) 3

The sides of the DNA molecule are
a) sugar plus phosphate group
b) base pairs
c) base pairs plus phosphate group
d) nitrogen sugar plus base pairs

If DNA is compacted (smushed) then it is called
a) chromosomes
b) DNAites
c) deoxyribose
d) acid

DNA gives organisms their:
a) traits
b) attitudes
c) clothing
d) parents

You got your orginal DNA from:
a) your parents
b) only your mom
c) your genes
d) your cells

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