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Irving, Texas is located on what continent?
a) North America
b) South America
c) Europe
d) Asia

Which of the following identifies the reason why the Portuguese brought Africans to the colony of Brazil?
a) To work the sugar plantations
b) To mine for gold and silver.
c) To clear the land.
d) To build cities.

Which of the following reasons is why countries in Central America wanted to become independent countries?
a) They wanted to have economic and political freedom.
b) They shared the same language.
c) They wanted to have their own religion.
d) They wanted to be controlled by rich landowners.

If you wanted to study the crime problems of Irving in the last two weeks, which of the following would be your best resource?
a) a newspaper
b) an almanac
c) an encyclopedia
d) a dictionary

What type of map shows countries borders and capitals?
a) A political map.
b) A physical map.
c) A thematic map.
d) A flow line map.

Europe is divided into ?
a) countries
b) counties
c) voting districts
d) states

Communism=Command, Capitalism= ?
a) market
b) traditional
c) limited
d) socialist

Which group is a political and economic alliance in Europe?
a) European Union
b) European Alliance
c) Euro

In which of the following bodies of water could you find both the Greeks and the Phoenicians?
a) The mediterranean sea
b) The north sea
c) The red sea
d) The Baltic sea

Which of these countries dominanted a large portion of Eastern Europe after WWII?
a) Soviet Union
b) Great Britain
c) France
d) United States

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