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What happens to animals with white fur living in snowy environments?
a) They are more likely to be eaten.
b) They are less likely to be eaten.
c) They run faster.
d) They jump higher.

How is natural selection different from artificial selection?
a) Natural selection is about what nature wants and artificial is about what humans want.
b) Natural selection is about what humans want and artificial is about what nature wants.
c) Natural selection has nothing to do with DNA and artificial does.
d) Artificial selection has nothing to do with DAN and natural does.

What scientist wrote a letter to Darwin that pushed him to publish his theory?
a) Lamarck
b) Linneaus
c) Wallace
d) Hutton

A rabbit can suddenly jump higher in an environment where the more nutritious food is located high on bushes. How will this affect this rabbit?
a) This rabbit is more likely to survive and reproduce.
b) This rabbit is more likely to be eaten by predators.
c) This rabbit is more likely to be undernourished.
d) This rabbit is nothing special in any way.

Why do biologists have taxonomic systems?
a) To provide descriptive Latin names.
b) To construct a family tree that predicts how many species many be discovered in the future.
c) To provide consistent ways to identify and classify organisms as the are being studied.
d) To maintain a small number of taxa or groups.

In the United States there are many types of rabbits. Four different species can have four different ranges, or habitats. Where would white fur in the winter not be an advantage?
a) Southern states: Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama
b) Northeast states: Maine, New York, Rhode Island, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Ohio
c) Northern States: Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota, Idaho, Wyoming, Minnesota
d) Southwest states: Arizona, California, Nevada, Utah, Colorado

Which of the following is the broadest group used to classify organisms?
a) order
b) class
c) species
d) family

Many species believe life was able to leave the water\'s edge and move further in on land, away from the water, due to the development of
a) Amniotic eggs
b) four-chambered hearts
c) better shelters
d) reptiles

Earth has undergone some catastrophic changes from time to time. Which of these most likely explains why life on Earth continued following these catastrophes?
a) A strong species had many different characteristics.
b) Dominant species had a slow mutation rate.
c) A wide diversity of species existed.
d) Many species filled the same niche.

It is believed that during the late Cretaceous sea levels rose drastically resulting in about 1/3 of Earth being underwater. Which of the following supports this?
a) Mineral and oil found in underground deposits.
b) Dinosaur and bird fossils found in swamp areas.
c) Volcanoes and igneous rocks found on the ocean floor.
d) Corals and marine fossils found in the Great Plains.

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