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Speed can be defined as
a) Change in position divided by change in time
b) Acceleration divided by time
c) Change in time divided by change in position
d) Change in velocity divided by change in time.

Which of the following pieces of equipment might be helpful if you wanted to measure acceleration?
a) Stopwatch
b) Spring scale
c) Thermometer
d) Triple beam balance

In which situation is an object accelerating?
a) A car is parked on the side of the street?
b) A bicycle travels at a constant velocity down the street
c) A rock's velocity increases from 5 m/s to 10 m/s as it falls down a cliff.
d) The velocity of a paper airplane is 2 m/s. Four seconds later, the velocity is still 2 m/s.

A grasshopper jumps with a speed of 3 m/s from a leaf. It flies through the air for 2 seconds before landing on a fence. How far is the leaf from the fence?
a) 4 meters
b) 5 meters
c) 6 meters
d) 8 meters

A snowball flies through the air with a speed of 15 m/s. It spends 5s in the air before hitting the ground. Can the snowball have reached the enemy fort 50 meters away?
a) Yes, it can have reached the fort.
b) No, it will need a speed of 20 m/s to reach the fort.
c) No, it will need a speed of 25 m/s to reach the fort.
d) No, it will need a speed of 50 m/s to reach the fort.

Which of the following is an example of a measurement of velocity?
a) 1m
b) 1m/s
c) 1 m/s^2
d) 1 m/s north

Which statement best describes the difference between speed and velocity?
a) Velocity is speed with a direction.
b) Speed is velocity with a direction.
c) Velocity is acceleration with a direction.
d) Velocity measures position, while speed does not.

A migrating eagle flies 7.2 km north over 6 hours. What is the velocity of the eagle?
a) 1.4 km/h
b) 7.2 km north
c) 1.2 km/h north
d) 0.83 km/h north

Which of the following is an example of a measurement of acceleration?
a) 4 m
b) 4 m/s
c) 4 m/s^2
d) 4 cm^3

Which unit is acceleration measured in?
a) m
b) m/h
c) m/s
d) m/s^2

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