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Which of the following is true about equinoxes?
a) they mark the beginning of the Spring and Fall.
b) they mark the beginning of Summer and Winter.
c) they mark the beginning of Spring and Winter.
d) they mark the beginning of Summer and Spring.

The forces that create erosion include:
a) water, wind, and glaciers.
b) mountains and glaciers.
c) rain, rivers, and vegetation.
d) fire, glaciers, and wind.

Mountains and plateaus are created by?
a) tectonic movements
b) diffusion
c) atmospheric conditions
d) weathering

Which of the following is the name given to a city's sewer, transportation systems, electricity and housing?
a) infrastructure
b) tourism
c) push and pull factors
d) pollution

What geographical feature slowed expansionism in the North American colonies in the early 18th century?
a) Appalachian Mountains
b) Pacific ocean
c) Rocky Mountains
d) Atlantic Ocean

GIS stands for ?
a) Geographic Information Systems
b) Global Information Society
c) Global Positioning System
d) Geological Initial Service

What is the study of Geography?
a) the distribution and interaction of Earth's physical and human features.
b) the history and development of the Earth.
c) the study of the land, water, natural resources and population flows.
d) the measurement and physical descriptions of places, regions, and land masses.

What does a cartographer do?
a) Mapmaker
b) Historian
c) Doctor
d) Business owner

Complete this analogy. A map is to a globe as a blueprint is to a ?
a) building
b) picture
c) drawing
d) architect

What is a compass rose?
a) the symbol on a map showing cardinal directions.
b) the symbol on a map showing color keys.
c) the title of a map.
d) the type of map you are using.

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