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Words that sound like their meaning; zip, bang
a) poetry
b) onomatopoeia
c) alliteration
d) imagery

an affix added to the beginning of a root or a base word that makes the word a new word with a new meaning.
a) affix
b) prefix
c) suffix
d) adjective

Documents created by someone who witnessed or participated in an event (diaries, letters, etc.)
a) index
b) primary sources
c) secondary sources
d) reference

A word that replaces a noun in the sentence.
a) gerund
b) adjective
c) noun
d) pronoun

An article, book, or other source of information an author uses to write about a topic.
a) primary source
b) secondary source
c) reference source
d) dictionary

A person, place, or thing that performs the action in the sentence.
a) noun
b) predicate
c) subject
d) pronoun

Words with similar meaning.
a) synonym
b) homograph
c) antonym
d) homophone

Words with opposite meaning.
a) synonymn
b) homograph
c) antonym
d) homphone

The sentence that tells the main idea of a paragraph.
a) thesis
b) topic sentence
c) theme
d) text

The main idea of a composition
a) thesis
b) topic sentence
c) theme
d) text

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