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What is the energy transformation that occurs when using gasoline in a lawnmower?
a) mechanical to nuclear
b) chemical to mechanical
c) thermal to chemical
d) sound to chemical

When you eat food, what type of energy is stored in the food and released when you digest it?
a) chemical
b) sound
c) nuclear
d) radiant

________________ causes the turbine within the dam to turn, transforming ___________ into electrical energy.
a) water, chemical
b) water, nuclear
c) water, mechanical
d) wind, mechanical

A toaster changes electrical energy into _____________ energy to toast the bread.
a) Mechanical
b) Sound
c) Nuclear
d) Thermal

Name the layer of the earth where the convection currents occur.
a) lithosphere
b) outer core
c) asthenosphere
d) inner core

Which is an example of convection?
a) sitting by a campfire on a cold night
b) using a wooden spoon to stir soup
c) cooking on an aluminum pan
d) a heater heating a room

In the experiment where we put the penny on the ice cube, we noticed that the ice cube began to melt. Why?
a) cold from the ice cube radiated to the penny.
b) the heat from the penny was conducted to the ice cube.
c) convection within the ice cube causes heat to be released.
d) the ice cube conducted heat to the penny.

What is an example of conduction?
a) feeling the hood of a car to see if it's been driven
b) air molecules circulating in the air
c) feeling the sun shine on you on a bright day
d) the mantle moves, causing plate tectonics

Which is an example of radiation?
a) inside of the car is heated on a sunny day
b) boiling water
c) wind
d) electrical wires allow electricity to flow

Jon takes a popsicle out of the freezer. How does the thermal energy affect the popsicle?
a) the popsicle will increase in thermal energy and the air around it will decrease in thermal energy.
b) the air will increase in thermal energy, and the popsicle will decrease in thermal energy.
c) Both popsicle and aire will increase in thermal energy.
d) none of the above

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