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Which of the following are the states of matter?
a) solid, liquid, and gas
b) solid, precipitate, liquid and gas
c) solid, liquid, gas and plasma
d) matter, volume and density

If you are finding the density of a solid cube, what would the units be in your answer?
a) g/cm
b) g/ml
c) g/ml3
d) g/cm3

Which of the following is malleable?
a) syrup
b) clay
c) glass
d) salt

Which element is in the same period as silver, and the same family as lead.
a) tin
b) copper
c) indium
d) lead

How are the noble gases different from other elements?
a) they do not donate or accept valence electrons
b) they do not make chemical bonds
c) they are inert
d) all of above

Which are not signs of a chemical reaction?
a) gas produced and an unexpected color change
b) burning, dissolving, or disintegrating
c) new substance with new properties
d) not easily reversed, and unexpected temperature changes

The Octet Rule explains....
a) how many protons an element has.
b) what valence electrons are.
c) why and how elements make chemical bonds.
d) how many electrons an element has.

The atomic number of an element also tells you...
a) the number of electron shells
b) the number of valence electrons
c) the number of electrons
d) the number of protons

You can tell the number of electron shells by...
a) by counting down the number of periods
b) by counting the number of valence electrons
c) by counting the number of protons
d) by counting the family/group number

I feel prepared for the test
a) Yes, I could take it now
b) Almost, but I know what I need to study
c) Maybe???
d) I'm doomed....

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