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Simple Machines In Tools.[print questions]

All of the following parts of a bicycle are simple machines EXCEPT
a) wheels
b) handlebars
c) pedals
d) seat

Which simple machines are parts of the wheelbarrow?
a) lever and pulley
b) wedge and wheel-axle
c) wheel-axle and lever
d) lever and inclined plane

Which simple machines are used in the shovel used for digging?
a) pulley and lever
b) lever and wedge
c) screw and inclined plane
d) wheel-axle and wedge

All of the following are examples of simple machine tools EXCEPT
a) hammer
b) broom
c) rope
d) stairs

What simple machine is a ladder?
a) wedge
b) inclined plane
c) screw
d) pulley

A bolt is a simple machine with threads like a screw. When put together with a nut, you will see another simple machine. What is it?
a) wedge
b) lever
c) inclined plane
d) wheel and axle

What simple machine is at the top of the mast of a boat to help pull up the sail?
a) a pulley
b) an inclined plane
c) a lever
d) a wedge

What type of simple machine is the reel of the fishing pole?
a) a pulley
b) a lever
c) an incline plane
d) a wheel and axle

Sam used a screwdriver to pry open a can of paint. He used the screwdriver as which simple machine?
a) inclined plane
b) lever
c) wheel and axle
d) pulley

Which of the following is an example of an inclined plane?
a) a car steering wheel
b) a broom
c) a playground slide
d) a hammer

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