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What do you call a strong magnet that is created when an iron core is inserted into the center of a current-carrying solenoid?
a) Electric field
b) Magnetic field
c) Electromagnet
d) Galvanometer

What is a long, wound coil of wire called?
a) Solenoid
b) Magnet
c) Domain
d) Galvanometer

The strength of a ______'s magnetic field can be increased by inserting a rod made of ______.
a) Iron, solenoid
b) Electromagnet, copper
c) Copper, electromagnet
d) Solenoid, iron

Galvanometers are devices used to measure current in _____ and voltage in _______.
a) Anmeter, voltmeters
b) Voltmeters, anmeter
c) Volts, meters
d) Meters, volts

The Van de Graff generates moving _____?
a) Nothing
b) Protons
c) Electrons
d) AIr

If two negative charges are placed near each other they will _______.
a) Stay negative
b) Become positive
c) Nothing
d) None of the above

When a negative charge and a positive charge are near each other they will ______?
a) Become negative
b) Become neutral
c) Become positive
d) Do nothing

The atomic number tells you ____ in an atom.
a) Nothing
b) Number of neutrons
c) Number of electrons
d) Number of protons

The atomic mass tells you ______ in an atom.
a) Average number of protons
b) Average Mass
c) Nothing
d) None of the above

This property of electrons produce a tiny magnetic field around every electron.
a) Electric field
b) Electric spin
c) Electromagnet
d) Solenoid

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