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All of the following are ways that simple machines make work easier EXCEPT
a) changing the direction in which the force is exerted
b) decreasing the amount of force that is exerted
c) decreasing the amount of work that is done
d) changing the distance over which a force is exerted

What is the purpose of simple machines?
a) change force or distance
b) increase work
c) decrease work
d) eliminate work

Some people use a bottle opener when opening a bottled drink because they
a) use less energy
b) have to push harder
c) do less work
d) don't have to push so hard

Using an inclined plane to do the work of moving the wheelbarrow load up to the next level, rather that lifting the wheelbarrow straight up, Sally was able to use
a) less effort force but had to move a greater distance
b) more force but over less distance
c) the same effort force but the same distance was now at an angle
d) less effort force and was able to move the same distance

Which of the following best describes why a person may not be able to lift up a full wheelbarrow by its handles?
a) The effort force is not enough to overcome the wheelbarrow weight
b) The wheelbarrow weight is not enough to overcome the effort force
c) The effort force is not enough to raise the fulcrum
d) The wheelbarrow weight is not enough to rasie the fulcrum

Why would Sam use the pulley to lift the heavy load?
a) It makes the load lighter
b) It changes the direction of Sam's pulling force
c) It makes the load smaller
d) It changes the direction of the force of gravity

A large rock and a long, thick board could be used to construct which simple machine?
a) screw
b) pulley
c) fulcrum
d) lever

Matt uses a ramp to get a box up into his tree house. For th work that he did, what did the ramp decrease?
a) Height lifted
b) Force applied
c) Weight of the box
d) Distance moved

The pulley on a flagpole makes it easier to raise the flag because
a) it increases the amount of work needed
b) it changes the direction of the force the man uses
c) it moves the flag a shorter distance
d) it makes the flag lighter

The handle of a nail clipper works as a lever. How does the lever help you?
a) It is always open.
b) It stays closed.
c) It makes you push the handle harder.
d) It makes work easier.

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