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6 Characteristics Of Living Things And 4 Necessities Of Life. TEACHERS: click here for quick copy question ID numbers.

Which of the following is not a characteristic of a living thing
a) Has DNA
b) Grows and develops
c) Breathes
d) Reproduces

Which of the following is not a necessity of life
a) A roof over your head.
b) Food to eat.
c) Air.
d) Water to drink.

When it is cold outside humans shiver to warm up. What is the stimuli
a) Humans
b) Warmth
c) Shiver
d) Cold temperature.

One of the nessecities of life is a place to live. What must that place have
a) Air.
b) All of these.
c) Food.
d) Water.

How are sexual reproduction and asexual reproduction different?
a) Both require two parents
b) Asexual reproduction does not require two parents
c) Sexual reproduction does not require two parents
d) Both require no parents

How is homeostasis related to a dog and his fur?
a) It keeps the dog healthy
b) It shows its breed.
c) It colors the dogs hair
d) It keeps the dogs body temperature stable

An infant to an adult is an example of which characteristic?
a) Made up of cells
b) Grow and develop
c) Reproduction
d) Has DNA

What is needed for chemical reactions?
a) Water
b) Gasoline
c) Heat
d) Air

Is a river alive?
a) Yes, because it can move and grow
b) No, because it it doesnt breathe.
c) No, because it does not have DNA, it cannot reproduce, and it does not have cells
d) Yes, because it can change directions

Organisms must have food because
a) All of these reasons.
b) organisms never make their own food.
c) food supplies cells with oxygen.
d) food is a source of energy.

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