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If one bulb in a parallel circuit goes out, the other bulbs will _____?
a) Go out
b) Stay lit
c) Blow up
d) Not work anymore

_____ Is when weight and air resistance are easy.
a) Neutrons
b) Terminal velocity
c) Falling
d) Velocity

To find pressure you need to divide ____ by _____.
a) Force, area.
b) Area, force.
c) Force, time.
d) Kinetic, potential.

_____ is the path an object took.
a) Launch
b) Line
c) Path
d) Trajectory

_____ stated that energy cannot be created or destroyed.
a) Force
b) Conservation of velocity
c) Conservation of energy
d) Potential energy

During a launch, potential energy is transfered to ______. Best answer.
a) Time
b) Force
c) Potential energy
d) Kinetic energy

Mechanical energy is _____ plus ______.
a) Potential energy, kinetic energy
b) Force, acceleration
c) Potential energy, nothing
d) Energy, time.

Most houses are wired in ______. Choose the best answer.
a) Series
b) Houses aren't wired
c) Parallel
d) None of the above

In a parallel circuit if there are 4 1.5V batteries, what is the total voltage?
a) 1.5 Volts
b) 6 Volts
c) 4 Volts
d) 7.5 Volts

In a circuit a _____ slows the flow of electricity.
a) Conductor
b) Wire
c) Nothing
d) Insulator

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