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A magnetic field is created by _____?
a) Moving neutrons
b) Nothing, it\'s always there.
c) Moving electrons
d) Moving protons

Magnets have _____? Choose the best answer.
a) Nothing
c) Ends
d) Poles

A magnetic field moves from ____ to ____?
a) North to south
b) North to north
c) South to north
d) South to south

In a magnet the electrons are ____?
a) Scattered
c) Not there
d) Lined up

ELectrons will stay lined up until _____?
a) Nothing: always lined up
b) Acted upon by another force
c) Not acted upon
d) Nothing: never lined up

If you drop a magnet what will happen to it?
a) Increase its magnetism
b) Increase its number of protons
c) Magnetism will get weaker
d) Nothing

If you put two north ends together, what will happen?
a) Nothing
b) Change poles
c) Attract
d) Repel

The closer two opposite chargers are brought together, the more they repel each others ______.
a) Electrical charges
b) attract
c) Magnetic poles
d) repel

When magnets repel or attract each other, it is due to the interaction of their _______.
a) Nothing
b) Magnetic fields
c) Neutrons
d) Protons

In a ______ a loop of wire adds to the strength of the magnetic field. Choose the best answer.
a) Field
b) None of the above
c) Solenoid
d) Wire

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