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Unmanned submersible tethered to a mother ship and operated by pilots using a joy stick.
a) Scuba
b) Submersible
c) Remotely Operated Vehicle

A device that allows divers to breathe underwater for long periods of time.
a) Submersible
b) Remotely Operated Vehicle
d) Scuba

An opening in the sea floor where super-heated water and other material are discharged into the surrounding seawater.
a) Ocean trench
b) Mid-Ocean Ridge
c) Seamount
d) Hydrothermal Vent

A free-swimming organisms whose movements are independent of the tides, currents, and waves.
a) Nekton
b) Phytoplankton
c) Benthos
d) Plankton

A body of water where a river meets the ocean.
a) Kelp Forest
b) Coral Reef
c) Estuary
d) Intertidal Zone

Extends from the edge of the continent outward to where the bottom sharply drops off into a steep slope.
a) Seamount
b) Abyssal Plain
c) Continental Slope
d) Continental Shelf

Organisms that live on or in the ocean floor.
a) Plankton
b) Benthos
c) Zooplankton
d) Nekton

The first 200 meters (656 feet) of ocean water, which includes the seashore and most of the continental shelf.
a) Intertidal Zone
b) Aphotic Zone
c) Oceanic Zone
d) Neritic Zone

The top layer of the ocean where sunlight penetrates.
a) Oceanic Zone
b) Photic Zone
c) Aphotic Zone
d) Intertidal Zone

A living thing that produces its own food within itself, usually by using sunlight energy in photosynthesis
a) Nekton
b) Consumer
c) Producer
d) Decomposer

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