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If the economy of a country is in a recession with high unemployment what should the fed do?
a) Raise the reserve ratio
b) Sell Bonds in the open market
c) Buy bonds in the open market
d) Increase the discount rate

Which policy takes longer usually to take effect?
a) Monetary
b) Fiscal

If there is a recession which policy should be used?
a) Monetary
b) Fiscal

Which of these is NOT a tool of monetary policy?
a) Open market operations
b) Moving the discount rate
c) Move the reserve requirement
d) Increase or decrease taxes

The fed controls which policy?
a) Monetary
b) Fiscal

Fiscal and monetary policy are similar because...
a) Both of them affect the AS
b) Both of them affect the AD
c) Both of them are countercyclical
d) Both of them have the same lags

Which of these is NOT a goal of the monetary policy?
a) Promote maximum employment
b) Keep stable prices
c) Control the government revenue
d) Have long-term interest rates be moderate

Fiscal policy theories are based on which famous economist?
a) David Hume
b) John Maynard Keynes
c) Thomas Robert Malthus
d) Irving Fisher

Fiscal Policy is controlled by the...
a) Government
b) Fed
c) President
d) Treasurer

Government bonds are more likely to be used with which policy?
a) Monetary
b) Fiscal

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