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The layers of the Earth are (in order)
a) the crust, the inner core, the mantle, the outer core
b) the inner crust, the outer crust, the mantle, the core
c) the outer core, the mantle, the inner core, the crust
d) the crust, the mantle, the inner core, the outer core

Alfred Wegener proposed the theory of...
a) mountains
b) oceans
c) plate tectonics
d) volcanoes

Boundaries where 2 plates scrape past each other are called...
a) continental plates
b) divergent boundaries
c) transform fault boundaries
d) convergent boundaries

There are two types of plates. They are...
a) paper and plastic plates
b) oceanic and paper plates
c) oceanic and continental plates
d) continental and oceanic plates

The waves of energy from earthquakes are called...
a) system waves
b) spongebob waves
c) super waves
d) seismic waves

Seismographs record which information about earthquakes...
a) only the direction
b) only the intensity
c) only the duration
d) the direction, intensity AND duration

Composite volcanoes are made up of...
a) alternating layers of rock, lava and ash
b) only ash
c) granite
d) ash and cinders

As plates separate, magma rises to fill the gap and this magma hardens, forming new crust. This even occurs at:
a) Divergent boundaries
b) Convergent boundaries
c) Earthquakes
d) Transform-Fault boundaries

Which type of wave moves ONLY through the Earth's crust?
a) surface waves
b) body waves
c) pretty waves
d) koolaid waves

The layer of the Earth that is the only completely liquid layer is the...
a) outer core
b) inner core
c) mantle
d) crust

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