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How many types of volcano are there?
a) 4
b) 1
c) 5
d) 6

a) plates push into each other
b) plates move away from each other
c) plates scrape past each other
d) plates don't move at all

The sides of a FISSURE volcano are
a) gently sloping
b) very steep
c) a little steep
d) flat

Dome mountains are shapes like...
a) An upside down triangle
b) An upside down bowl
c) A plate
d) A butterfly

The outside layer of the Earth is called
a) Inner core
b) Outer layer
c) Mantle
d) Crust

The Richter Scale helps to measure...
a) Earthquakes
b) Tornadoes
c) Volcanic Eruptions
d) Thunderstorms

The point where the earthquake begins inside the Earth is called the...
a) Block
b) Focus
c) Epicenter
d) Fold

A plate is...
a) A big piece of the Earth's crust and upper mantle
b) Something you eat dinner on
c) Something you step on in a baseball game
d) A big piece of a mountain

A boundary where the plates move away from each other is called...
a) A transform fault boundary
b) A divergent boundary
c) A convergent boundary
d) A volcanic boundary

The supercontinent was called...
a) Pineapple
b) Eurasia
c) Africasia
d) Pangaea

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