"What Am I?" Cell Organelle Vocabulary II" Question Preview (ID: 791)

Introductory Cellular Biology Vocabulary Focused On Structure And Function Of Organelles- Some Using Analogies. TEACHERS: click here for quick copy question ID numbers.

I am found in the nucleus. I am responsible for providing instructions for all life processes and when the cell is not dividing, I like to unwind into thread-like structures. What am I?
a) DNA in the form of chromatin
b) Mitochondrial DNA
c) DNA in the form of centrosomes/centrioles
d) DNA in the form of chromosomes

I am found in the cytoplasm and I look like a stack of pancakes. I am the packaging and shipping company (FedEx) for products used in the cell. What am I?
a) Smooth ER
b) Cytoskeleton
c) Golgi Body/Apparatus
d) Rough ER

I am part of the cell membrane. I work like a metal detector at the airport allowing materials into and out of the cell. What am I?
a) Phospholipids
b) Marker Proteins
c) Chloresterol
d) Transport Proteins

I control all cell activities. I am compared to the prinipal of a school or the boss a company. What am I?
a) nucleus
b) mitochondria
c) nucleotide
d) cytoplasm

I am found in animal cells and my job requires me to be able to split chromosome a part during cell division. I have been compared to a log splitter. What am I?
a) plastids
b) centrosomes/centrioles
c) lysosomes
d) chromosomes

I am a network of tubules throughout the cell and can be compared to the steel structural reinforcements found in concrete structures. What am I?
a) cytoplasm
b) DNA
c) genes
d) cytoskeleton

I am found on the nuclear membrane and can be compared to police at a road block only allowing material that have permission to come in or out.
a) nucleic acid
b) nucleotide
c) nuclear pores
d) nucleosomes

I am the green pigment found in chloroplasts and can be compared to a sponge because I absorb sunlight. What am I?
a) cytoplasm
b) chromatin
c) chlorofluorocarbons
d) chlorophyll

I contain the genetic material DNA and am found inside the nucleus. I can be compared to a cookbook filled with recipes. I coil up during cell division and have the appearance of the letter
a) centrosome
b) chromosome
c) lysosome
d) capsule

I am the packages of protein that are released from the golgi body/apparatus that are transported to destinations inside the cell. I am similar to letters being mailed to different destinations. What am I?
a) globulons
b) plastids
c) vesicles
d) vacuoles

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