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A Koala Bear's hand has a large gap between the first and second finger and his big toe is set at a wide angle to the entire foot. What would these adaptations be used for?
a) swimming
b) climbing
c) mating
d) eatin

Which of the following is an abiotic factor in a wetland environment?
a) fish
b) algae
c) water
d) snake

Which of the following is a biotic factor in a grassland environment?
a) grass
b) soil
c) water
d) wind

Algae are the major oxygen producers in a water environment. This is an example of an algae's __________.
a) habitat
b) biome
c) natural resources
d) niche

Bees help pollinate flowers and help them reproduce. This is an example of the bee's ___________.
a) biome
b) natural resource
c) abiotic factor
d) niche

The ultimate source of energy for all living things is/are __________.
a) The sun
b) The plants
c) The producers
d) The autotrophs

In any food chain, the total amount of energy always __________.
a) increaes
b) decreases
c) stays the same
d) increases then decreases

Ninety-six percent of all living things are made up of the following elements:
a) Nothing
b) Carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, and oxygen
c) Selenium, hydrogen, oxygen
d) Potassium, sodium, chlorine

Which cellular process is represented by the following: Carbon dioxide + water + sunlight -> food + oxygen gas?
a) Osmosis
b) Oxygenation
c) Metabolism
d) Photosynthesis

Plants are considered ________ because they can create their own energy by using sunlight, water and carbon dioxide.
a) Autotrophs
b) Producers
c) Heterotrophs
d) Consumers

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