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Please tell me ------- going on the field trip on Thursday.
a) whose
b) who's

-------- sweater is on the desk?
a) Whose
b) Who's

Fido, the Taylor ---------- dog, jumped on the dining room table and stole the Thanksgiving turkey.
a) family's
b) familys'
c) families
d) families'

Brian is the center on the -------- basketball team.
a) boys
b) boy's
c) boys'

---------- the --------- star player, averaging over 21 points a game.
a) He's ; teams'
b) He's ; team's
c) He'is ; team's
d) Hes ; teams'

The ---------- internet connection is so slow, and ---------- taking forever to complete the reasearch for my science project.
a) computers' ; it's
b) computers' ; its
c) computer's ; it's
d) computer's ; its

The -------- department is on the second floor of Blomingdales.
a) womens'
b) womans'
c) woman's
d) women's

The look on -------- face was priceless when he realized that the surprise party was for him.
a) James'
b) James's
c) Jame's
d) James'es

Do you remember which team won last -------- World Series?
a) year's
b) years'
c) years's
d) years

You will need to bring at least four -------- supply of food and water on the camping trip.
a) day's
b) days
c) days'

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