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a) Can cause global warming.
b) What is the ozone?
c) What are CFC's
d) Can cause ozone depletion

Buring coal can cause
a) What is coal??
b) No pollution
c) Ozone Depletion
d) Acid Rain

What is habitat restoration
a) Harming an area
b) Pollution
c) Bringing back a habitat to a healty state
d) The creation of a new school

Leather Belt
a) Renewable
b) What is leather
c) What is a belt
d) Nonrenewable

The gradual change from one community to another is
a) what is community?
b) Too many big words
c) Succession
d) Climax Community

Which of these energy sources is not renewable
a) Wind
b) Biomass
c) Natural Gas
d) Water

An increase in Carbon Dioxide may cause
a) What is carbon dioxide?
b) a strange smell
c) Global warming
d) Ozone depletion

A major reason species become endangered is
a) Ozone depletion
b) Road Kill
c) Habitat Loss
d) Hunting

All of the following are fossil fuels...except
a) Coal
b) Natural Gas
c) Nuclear
d) Oil

Brazil has a large amount of
a) Desert
b) Who is Brazil
c) What is Brazil?
d) Tropical Rain Forest

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