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Individuals \
a) were exposed to a virus
b) swim in cold water
c) go outside without a jacket
d) went to bed with wet hair

Which of the following would NOT help you remain healthly?
a) smoking tobacco regularly
b) maintain a healthy diet
c) exercise several times a week
d) wash your hands frequently

Organisms that cause disease are
a) pathogens
b) symptoms
c) genetics
d) toxins

Exposure to a weakened of mild form of a pathogen to produce immunity is a(n)...
a) vaccine
b) fever
c) interferon
d) antibiotic

How do viruses cause damage to organisms?
a) destroy cells as they multiply
b) release toxins as they carry out life processes
c) remove nutrients from the digestive system
d) grow and block the flow of blood

Immunity is the body\'s ability to...
a) destroy pathogens before they cause disease
b) produce antigens
c) distinguish one pathogen from another
d) fight disease with the inflammatory response

The molecules on pathogens that enable the immune system to distinguish one kind of pathogen from another are called...
a) antigens
b) antibodies
c) B molecules
d) T molecules

Which illness is always caused by a pathogen?
a) flu
b) heart attack
c) diabetes
d) cancer

Viruses are considered non-living because they...
a) cannot multiply
b) use energy to grow
c) produce wastes
d) are not cells

A virus needs energy to
a) multiply
b) make cells
c) grow and develop
d) make food

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