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Most of the moisture in our atmosphere comes from
a) lakes
b) streams and rivers
c) oceans
d) glaciers

If we lose a great many trees, which gas in the atmosphere will increase?
a) oxygen
b) nitrogen
c) argon
d) carbon dioxide

Why would a towel at the beach still be wet after several hours?
a) high humidity
b) a few clouds
c) wind
d) hig temperature

What is the gase the is found the most in the atmosphere?
a) carbon dioxide
b) nitrogen
c) oxygen
d) water vapor

Layers of the atmosphere are classified according to their
a) altitude
b) temperature
c) density
d) air pressure

For clouds to form, the cooling air must
a) be saturated and have condensation nuclei
b) be unsaturated with condensation nuclei
c) be saturated and have pure, clean water vapor
d) be unsaturated but have pure clean water vapor.

Low clouds that blanket the sky and can create fog are called
a) cirrus clouds
b) cumulus clouds
c) nimbus clouds
d) stratus clouds

Clouds that are assoiciated with huge thuderstorms are
a) nimbostratus clouds
b) cirrus clouds
c) cumulonibus clouds
d) cumulus clouds

The precipitation that falls from freezing air through air above 32 degrees and back below freezing is
a) hail
b) snow
c) rain
d) sleet

Precipitation that falls from cumulonibus clouds in the form of ice pellets is
a) hail
b) snow
c) freezing rain
d) sleet

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