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A _____ plant has tubelike cells.
a) nonvascular
b) vascular
c) humus
d) moss

An angiosperm that has one seed leaf is called a _____.
a) monocot
b) dicot
c) tricot
d) hexacot

_____ plants are divided into flowering plants and nonflowering plants.
a) Vascular
b) Nonvascular
c) Seed
d) Seedless

A _____ is a large, feathery leaf of a fern.
a) sori
b) frond
c) spore
d) seed

_____ created the modern system of classifying plants and animals.
a) Carolus Linnaeus
b) Issac Newton
c) Aristotle
d) Charles Darwin

_____ are what seedless plants reproduce by.
a) seeds
b) spores
c) fruit
d) conifers

A major group of gymnosperms that is characterized by needles and cones is known as _____.
a) ferns
b) conifers
c) humus
d) moss

All _____ plants have true roots, leaves, and stems.
a) vascular
b) nonvascular
c) moss
d) molds

Bacteria cells do not have _____.
a) rod shapes
b) the ability to reproduce
c) organelles
d) the ability to grow

One protist that possesses chloroplasts is _____.
a) euglena
b) amoeba
c) bread molds
d) ferns

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