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What are the 2 largest rivers in Missouri?
a) Rio Grande and Nile Rivers
b) Arkansas and Missouri Rivers
c) Nile and Mississippi River
d) Missouri and Mississippi RIver

What is the highest mountain in Missouri?
a) Appalacian Mountains
b) Taum Sauk Mountain
c) Mount Fuji
d) Mount Everest

What are 3 powerful sources that shaped our land?
a) rain, hail, and snow
b) sleet, heat, and rain
c) volcanos, glaciers, water
d) glaciers, earthquakes, hail

What is Missouri's state Fossil?
a) crinoid
b) lobster
c) spider
d) seashells

The definition of conservation is
a) using our resources in different ways
b) acting unusual in class
c) the careful use of our resources
d) oil found deep in the earth

The definition of humus
a) is soil made up of decayed plants and animals
b) is living things
c) are remains of organisms from a long time ago
d) is solar power

Another name for oil is
a) soil
b) petroleum
c) solar power
d) energy

A renewable resource means
a) that it can grow back
b) once it is used it's gone forever
c) you can buy it at the store
d) you can eat it

Solar energy comes from
a) water
b) ground
c) people
d) sun

Which of these natural resources is NOT a living thing?
a) fungus
b) water
c) plants
d) animals

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