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what kind of charges does an ionic bond have
a) two opposite charges
d) two same charges

what is a covalent bond
a) a metal bond
c) a bond sharing atoms
d) a bond sharing electrons between atoms

what are chemical bonds based on
a) electrons
c) atoms
d) neutrons

what will cause new bonds to form or be broken?
a) heat, light, friction
d) water, cold, air

what are atoms held together by?
a) atomic structure
c) neutrons
d) electrons

What is chemical decomposition?
a) two electrons splitting
c) the atom splitting
d) the break down of a chemical compund

Which one represents single replacement?
a) A+BC->AC+B
b) BC+a->BA+c
c) CB+AB+C

Which represents double replacement?
a) AB+C+XY
b) AX + BY → BX + AY
c) YX+C+BA

what is combustion?
a) anytime when anything burns from a chemical reaction
b) when there is fire
c) when something blows up

what is a chemical reaction?
a) a reaction
b) a process that leads to the transformation of one set of chemical substances to another.
c) something in science

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