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The leader(s) of the executive branch is...
a) Congress
b) Supreme Court
c) President
d) Vice President

You have to be ____ years of age in order to be President
a) 35
b) 30
c) 40
d) 45

A framer of the Constitution who favored a strong central government.
a) Anti-federalist
b) Daniel Shay
c) Alexander Hamilton
d) George Mason

I Wrote the Preamble to the Constitution
a) Gouverneur Morris
b) Federalist
c) John Jay
d) James Wilson

If you support the Constitution and a strong central government you are known as...
a) An Anti-federalist
b) A Federalist
c) A framer
d) An executive

If you opposed the Constitution you are known as...
a) A federalist
b) A framer
c) An Anti-federalist
d) An executive

The 4th Amendment of the Constution protects our rights to...
a) Free Speech
b) Privacy
c) Trial by Jury
d) Remain silent

Article 2 of the Constution spells out the powers of...
a) Congress
b) The President
c) Supreme Court
d) States

This served as the model for the Bill of Rights and protected individual rights.
a) New Jersey plan
b) 3/5's Compromise
c) Virginia Bill of Rights
d) Articles of Confederation

A plan that saved the Convention that allowed each state to have 2 Senators and based the House of Rep on population
a) Articles of Confederation
b) New Jersey Plan
c) Constitution
d) Great Compromise

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