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21. Is natural spring water safe to drink
a) Yes, always
b) No, never
c) Yes, if you purify it
d) No, it is hot

22. What type of rock is found in caves and cave formation?
a) limestone
b) sandstone
c) shale
d) schist

23. What type of rock makes a good aquifer?
a) limestone
b) sandstone
c) shale
d) schist

24. What is not a solution to the freshwater shortage on Earth
a) start a war over supplies
b) seeding clouds for rain
c) desalination plants
d) melting iceberg

25. What percentage of Earth is covered with water
a) 71
b) 29
c) 2
d) 97

26. What percentage of Earth’s water is trapped in icecaps
a) 2
b) 97
c) 71
d) 1

27. What percentage of Earth’s water is available for drinking
a) less than 1
b) 1
c) 2
d) 3

28. What percentage of Earth’s water is salt water
a) 97
b) 3
c) 2
d) 71

29. What is not a glacier feature
a) moraines at the end of glaciers
b) V shaped valleys
c) ridges in mountains
d) scratches from flowing glaciers

30. What is a feature of a young river
a) steep cliffs
b) many meanders
c) wide flood plains
d) distributaries

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