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A dripstone formation that is found on the ceiling of caves
a) stalactite
b) stalagmite
c) column
d) well

12. When a well is overused an drops the water table
a) pollution
b) recharge
c) draw down
d) artesian

13. When stalactite meets stalagmite
a) icicle
b) dripstone column
c) cave
d) spike

14. What does groundwater do to limestone?
a) cannot pass through it
b) it slows down through it
c) traps groundwater
d) dissovles it

15. The depth of the water table in a swamp is ___________ the earth surface
a) equal to
b) lower
c) higher
d) very deep in

16. What does NOT contribute to the downhill speed of groundwater
a) slope
b) porositiy
c) permeablility
d) drought

17. How do caves form
a) water in the aerated zone
b) water dissolves limestone
c) water dissolves shale
d) water in a well

18. Aquifers are rock layers that are ________
a) clay
b) shale
c) sand
d) silt

19. Why does water dissolve easily in limestone?
a) it is acidic
b) water dissolves everything
c) limestone is a weak rock
d) limestone contains no minerals

20. Where does all groundwater try to go?
a) ocean
b) rivers
c) lakes
d) streams

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