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1. A hot spring that erupts at regular intervals
a) geyser
b) spring
c) aquifer
d) groundwater

2. A depression that is caused by a collapsed cave
a) cave
b) sink hole
c) dripstone
d) well

3. A pressured water source that continuously flows with water
a) confined aquifer
b) aquiclude
c) aquitard
d) arteisian well

4. Heated groundwater that is near a magma source
a) hot spring
b) geyser
c) metamorphic rock
d) limestone

5. A source of groundwater that is trapped between two aquicludes
a) hot spring
b) aquitard
c) confined aquifer
d) perched aquifer

6. An area where precipitation helps to raise the water table.
a) draw down
b) water shed
c) artesian well
d) recharge

7. Formed through the deposition of calcite in groundwater caves
a) dripstone
b) cave
c) aquifer
d) sink hole

8. A layer that is impermeable to the flow of ground water
a) aquifer
b) aquiclude
c) aquitard
d) spring

9. A dripstone formation that is found on the floor of caves
a) column
b) stalactite
c) stalagmite
d) draw down

10. The natural discharge of ground water
a) geyser
b) well
c) disappearing stream
d) spring

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