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A type of seismic wave that moves the ground up and down or side to side.
a) S wave
b) P wave
c) B wave
d) K wave

A type of seismic wave that compresses and exapands the ground.
a) P waves
b) S waves
c) K waves
d) D waves

A force that acts on rock trying to change its shape or volume.
a) Stress
b) Earthquake
c) Volcano
d) Fault

A t ype of fault that the opposite sides of the fault slide past each other.
a) Strike Slip Fault
b) Normal Fault
c) Abnormal Fault
d) Not my Fault

This forms when the crust breaks apart to release stress.
a) Fault
b) Volcano
c) Epicenter
d) Tension

A wave that can be caused by and Earthquake.
a) Tsunami
b) Tidal Wave
c) Reef Break
d) Closeout Wave

Melted rock found inside the crust.
a) Magma
b) Lava
c) Hotspot
d) Mantle

Melted rock found outside the crust.
a) Lava
b) Magma
c) Hotspot
d) Mantle

A process where solid ground can be turned into a liquid.
a) Liquefaction
b) Flash Flood
c) Sink Hole
d) Volcano

The location on the surface over the focus is called the?
a) Epicenter
b) Fault
c) Earthquake
d) P wave

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