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what is the outer layer of a cell?
a) cell membrane
b) centrioles
c) vacuole
d) nucleus

what is another name for genetic material?
a) golgi bodies
b) genes
c) nucleolus
d) lysosomes

what does a eukaryotic cell have that a prokryotic cell doesnt?
a) cytoplasm
b) cell membrane
c) genetic material
d) nucleus

what is the job of the cell membrane?
a) make blood
b) acts as a selective barrier in or around a cell
c) hi
d) get rid of waste

what is the cell theory?
a) that all cells have a nucleus
b) that every cell has a mebrane
c) idea that cells are the basic unit of structure within every living thing
d) yes

how do cells reproduce?
a) asexually
b) sexually
c) while running away
d) not at all

what type of cells do humans have?
a) blue
b) acidic
c) prokryotic
d) eukaryotic

what shape is a animal cell?
a) circle
b) square
c) triangle
d) sphere

what color is cheese?
a) white
b) yellow
c) white and yellow
d) multiple

extra credit: who stared in the movie heartbreak ridge in 1886?
a) Michael Jackson
b) Adam Sandler
c) Clint Eastwood
d) montley crew

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