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All forms of energy can be traced back to________
a) the ocean
b) the plants
c) the moon
d) the sun

Biologist are people who study_______
a) living things
b) zoo animals
c) flowers
d) dead things

To make food plants need________and _______.
a) water and oxygen
b) nothing
c) Carbon Dioxide and water
d) carbon dioxide and oxygen

The process by which cells of green plants make energy is called________
a) Photosynthesis
b) excretion
c) respiration
d) transpiration

During photosynthesis a gas that escapes into the air is______
a) carbon dioxide
b) Oxygen
c) water vapor
d) nitrogen

If you were to put a carboard box over a tomato plant, it would stop carrying on photosythesis. This is mostly because you have cut off it's______
a) energy
b) oxygen
c) water
d) carbon dioxide

To release energy, the cells of human beings slowly combine glucose and______
a) carbon dioxide
b) nitrogen
c) water
d) oxygen

tube in a plant that carries water upward
a) phloem
b) glucose
c) xylem
d) stomates

Tube in a plant that carries food downward
a) Phloem
b) glucose
c) xlem
d) stomates

tiny openings on the underside of a leaf
a) phloem
b) glucose
c) xlem
d) stomates

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